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Star gazing

This looks like a simple shot of the moon in the sky… but can you spot what’s wrong with the picture?

The photo was posted on Imgur and it's already confused a lot of people, but it might take you a few seconds to work out why

LOOK carefully at this photo – can you work out what’s wrong with it?

At first glance it appears to show a slither of a crescent moon high in the sky over the house.


Take a closer look… what’s wrong with this shot?

OK so it’s a bit weird to have it peeking out in the day time, but it’s not unheard of.

In fact whether we see it or not is all down to how bright its light is, and it happens quite a lot.

No, what’s actually strange about this shot is that it doesn’t include the moon at all.

That moon-looking shape is actually a cloud, which has formed into the unusual crescent shape.

The photo was posted on Imgur, with people flocking to comment on it.


The real moon, in case you wanted to compare

“I thought that was the moon, and you were referring to the other cloud. I thought this was stupid. But it wasn’t,” Ir0nbraden wrote.

Others were less impressed, including one user who simply wrote: “And the crowd goes mild.”

This is the latest in a string of puzzling pictures which have been posted online lately.

Just last week a woman called Lu Yiqin shared a picture which stunned her when she discovered it in her now-husband’s photo albums.


Lu Yiqin couldn’t believe it when she found this picture of her now-husband and mum – taken before they even met

It showed her spouse Zhang at a tourist attraction in China 16 years ago… and Lu’s MUM was standing in the background.

She  chatted to her mother who remembered going to the attraction and posing for a shot.

Still not convinced? Well how about this – both families still have the tickets they bought to visit the Buddha and the dates are exactly the same.


This wolf is actually made up from three women who were covered in bodypaint

Even weirder was this picture, which had people scratching their heads for a different reason.

You probably think it’s simply a shot of a wolf, but look closer…

The creature is actually formed from three naked women who have been painted to look like a howling wolf by artist Johannes Stoetters, who was crowned World Bodypainting Champion in 2012.


Now you can see the women more easily

He explained: “The painting was one of my longest. From the beginning to the final photo I spent eight hours in my studio. The pure painting time was about six hours.

“It was definitely more difficult than my other works. It was difficult to find the perfect position and it was quite hard for the models to hold the positions, from time to time they needed a break.”