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We pay for your stories

We’re always after good stories and we pay big money for them every day. Celebrity, a human interest story, scandal or anything else that you think the good people of Britain would want to read about. Just get involved, call our newsdesk and don’t worry about the cost, we’ll call you straight back.

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You can also call the Syndication team on 020 7782 5400 from the U.K.
or on (+) 44 20 7782 5400 if you are calling from outside the U.K.

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If you would like to work for The Sun, please visit our careers website – newscareers.co.uk

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You can also order back issues of the newspaper from Historic Newspapers.
You must know the date of issue you wish to buy as Historic Newspapers will not conduct research.

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The Sun’s world famous Agony Aunt is now online.
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